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Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2013

400 Miles Tour within Just 30 Minutes

Familiar Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced that, a capsule having the speed as swift as the sound, conveying people and/ or the mass of substances can move from a city to another city without having any trouble against bad weather or turbulence. According to the statement of Mr. Musk it is a matter of a decade to see this in reality.This fabulous impression is not about a dreaming person who is just alive in the world rather than being someone who can consider himself extremely phenomenal right at this moment. The co-founder of the online payment service PayPal, luxury electric vehicle Tesla motors Inc and the rocket-building industry Space X is now imagining about helping people dream about something that will supersede all his previous track records.The speed in any particular civilization does not rely upon a premeditated imagination, idea or anticipation which is not eventually able to make senses. It can interpret straight away taking the conviction to the trust-able limit helping the wheel of fortune move forward. People usually take the result into account mostly instead of having faith upon the reason that helped the event get done.On this Monday, while emphasizing about the transportation concept, Mr. Musk said that sojourning about 400 miles, the same distance between Loss Angles and San Francisco, is possible now within just 30 minutes. It is exactly the half of the required time for a Jet Plane.There will be some pneumatic tubes transporting the paperwork materials. Passengers will be the cargo, and an accelerated start with a turbulence free force will let everything inside the capsule go with high speed avoiding the kinetic and potential inertia. Capsule will move by a nearly air-free tube. The driving force will come from the magnetic attraction quite comparably as the “Linear Train” does. The magnetic condition will appear by means of instantly attributed electric forces which transforms the line into an instant magnet.

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